The Truth – Does It Really Set You Free?

Over the past two years, I have realised one thing – the truth doesn’t set you free in the way you would think it would. Rather, it locks you up in a dungeon where everyone scorns you.

No one cares about the truth if it turns their world upside down. People would rather dismiss the truth and believe the lie. It is easier that way since people don’t have to care for the ones who speak the truth. The truth usually doesn’t fall within the boundaries of what people define as acceptable.

But the truth has only one thing going for it – it is steadfast. No matter what people do to twist and turn and eliminate the truth, it is not going anywhere. Lies will keep evolving, changing stories, multiplying, but the truth will always remain the same.

The truth doesn’t set you free in the way you would have liked it to. The minute the truth is out you feel a weight lifted off your soul, thinking that it will eliminate the lies. But this relief is short-lived. Soon you will see people mock you and dismiss your truth. They do this so that they can continue believing the lie that they so badly want to be the truth.

It is heart-breaking for the person who speaks the truth and gets alienated for it. It is a feeling you cannot put into words. People who you thought would believe you turn their backs on you in an instant.

But in a way the truth does set you free – sets you free from people who don’t deserve your unconditional support. The phrase ‘God knows and I know’ becomes a comfort. And it holds true – what else matters when God knows the truth? He believes you and is with you is more than enough.

So always tell yourself this when you feel completely abandoned by this world – God is there right beside you. Just tell yourself He knows the truth and carry on with life. And after a while let go of the grudge. Not in the sense where you let people mistreat you again but in a guarded way.

It will ease the burden off your soul because there is no apology coming your way. Don’t ever wait for it, there is a 99.99% chance it will never come. So let it go. Be cordial, talk, joke, laugh but know that when things go bad, the only guardian with you is God and he is all you need to fight through the grenades life throws at you. Because with God, no one can break you.

“Be Not Afraid” – Saint John Paul II.

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