Live Boldly

What does it mean to live boldly? The usual answer would be to take risks, get out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries. But do these things define ‘living boldly’? I think not.

To me, ‘living boldly’ is to live life exactly the way you want to do it. This involves being in your comfort zone. You should be bold enough to accept what makes you happy. Even if it does not meet the standard meaning of what society thinks is a successful life.

We tend to get lost in what people will think and stop ourselves from pursuing a dream or a hobby. This is just the starting point to a life of possibilities. But most of us only look at the starting line and walk away.

Why not just start doing something you’ve wanted to do (Only hobbies that give out a good vibe. No bad vibes at all). Don’t look to be successful in the usual sense of the term. Why not look to be happy. And remove the want of monetizing it. Just doing this removes the unseen gloom weighing you down.

Don’t look to be perfect at it. Just start. ‘Done is better than perfect’ – Sheryl Sandberg – I heard this quote from Namjoon. He said it was his favourite quote. It is so apt. So ‘Just do it’ – Nike.

This could be the start of your ‘bold living’ adventure.

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