A Cause I Believe In

The Bloganuary WordPress prompt for the day – What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

I don’t think what I am about to write about falls under the typical description of ‘A Cause’. But let’s just go with it.

Every person should strive to be humble and kind. If one person does it, I’m sure it has a butterfly effect. Just imagine if multiple people are kind at the same time, the world could take a path that leads to a beautiful place.

I know, ‘be kind’, sounds so simple and uninteresting. ‘What can kindness do for this horrible place, right? Only people who have lived in a safe bubble can spew out such gibberish. They have not seen the dark side of this world.’

I used to have the same thought process until I saw an episode of Man vs Wild. The one where Obama meets Bear Grylls. Here is where Obama’s message to people was ‘be kind’. And they ended the show with a prayer.

This is when it struck me just how powerful ‘being kind’ can be. The way you treat others tells on you. And the effect it has on others has the power to change the way they treat others. Don’t you feel nice when someone stops the car for you to cross the road?

And if it is the other way around, don’t you feel nice when someone thanks you for letting them cross the road? Kindness re-ignites faith in humanity.

The prayer at the end of the episode was another part that I liked. It was simple – there is a God watching over us. I really liked the way both of them were just so cool about it. You can not cut out God from your life and expect to be actually living. Without God, you are missing out on uncovering what living life is all about.

But this is a personal choice. It is up to each person to decide for themselves. Whatever the decision, always respect others who have a different opinion than you. Never make fun of them or put them down. Just this small act of respect will also go a long way in changing the world.

It all starts with us.

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