The Drift

Life seemed to be getting back to normal. Well, not the pre-covid normal but at least we could move around freely. And that meant Minseok was flying across the globe on tour/promotions frequently. This left us away from each other for quite a while. The most time away from each other– a month.

We made it a point to at least text each other once a day. All was swell in the beginning. Until it wasn’t. Recently we had spells of going a week without contacting each other. And now it had been three weeks of no contact.

We were still engaged but the wedding was postponed indefinitely. The reason – his insane work schedule. So, we decided to postpone the wedding for two years. But now I had a nagging feeling that the universe was sending me a sign – a sign I turned a blind eye to for months.

But now it was staring at me right in the face.

“Minseok, we need to talk”, I texted him.

But no reply, he was overseas, the US I guess, I wasn’t even aware of that. Things were not looking good for us. I checked the time difference and it was 4 am in the morning where he was. Okay, so maybe I’ll let this slide since he could be asleep.

As night fell, I still did not get a message from him – another sign. It was time to make a decision – stay or leave?

I couldn’t fall asleep – a hollow heart-wrenching feeling kept me awake. But as the hours went by, I did sleep – a very disturbed sleep.

When I woke up – there still wasn’t any reply from him.

“Minseok, I don’t think I can do this anymore”, I typed it out. But I didn’t send it as I did not want to ruin his entire day. He needed to be in his peaceful zone in case he was performing at a concert or being interviewed.

But then, what about my mental sanity? I knew there needed to be a change or this was the end for us.

Two days went by, and still no message. This was it for me.

“Minseok, we cannot go on like this. We need to talk”

“I cannot do this anymore. I’m breaking up with you”, was his reply a second later.


An Unexpected Turn Of Events

My blood ran cold. He sent this message a second after my message got delivered. I was a wreck, I immediately called him but the number was not reachable. I had been through a breakup before so I knew the drill. But it did not make it easy in any way. I barely survived the…

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