An Unexpected Turn Of Events

My blood ran cold. He sent this message a second after my message got delivered.

I was a wreck, I immediately called him but the number was not reachable.

I had been through a breakup before so I knew the drill. But it did not make it easy in any way.

I barely survived the week and being in that house did not make it any easier. I could barely work and take care of the puppies. So I decided to take 2 weeks off and put the dogs in a dog resort while I pulled myself together.

I booked an Airbnb in Jeju Island and dropped off the face of the earth. I did not want to see his face ever again. But every other billboard had his mug plastered all over it. But at least I could control what I saw on my phone.

So I uninstalled all the social media apps.

Once I was in Jeju Island and all settled down at the beachfront Airbnb, I was a mess again. I couldn’t stop crying. The pain in my chest wouldn’t let up. But at least all the crying tired me out and I went to sleep away most of the days and nights.

A week went by and I was at least able to control the pain. This boy was it for me or so I thought. But I fought to keep myself sane. A complete break from him was the only way.

I had just got back from the grocery store one evening. I was stepping out of my rented car when I found a dishevelled man standing at the entrance of the Airbnb. I was terrified and to make matters worse he ran up to me.

I only recognized him when he was at the car door. I felt like I had seen a ghost. I was not ready to see him. It was Minseok.

“Kenzie”, he gasped and opened my door.

“FUCK OFF”, I yelled at him and got out of the car.

“Please, MacKenzie, I did not send those messages”

He said as he knelt in front of me and hugged my waist tight. He rested his chin on my belly and looked up at me. That’s when I noticed him crying and I began to cry too.

“How could you”, I whispered as my voice broke.

“It wasn’t me my love, my phone was hacked. In fact, all the members phones were hacked. I couldn’t even reach out to you since it would risk your identity being revealed.

“Are you serious right now?”

“Please Kenzie, it’s the truth”

“But we haven’t been ok for a while”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t even contact you this past month because of the hacking”

I fell to my knees and he wrapped his arms around me. I was sobbing while he was sobbing too.

“Kenzie, you can’t leave me please”

“But I thought you did”

“I will never ever leave you”

“Please Kenzie, don’t leave me”, he sobbed as he hugged me tight.

As if to add to the broken seen, it started raining heavily.

So, he carried me bridal style and we entered the house.

He peppered my face with kisses as he set me down on the couch. I sat on his lap and hugged him.

“Min, I do not want to live without you”

“I can’t live without you Kenzie”

The Drift

Life seemed to be getting back to normal. Well, not the pre-covid normal but at least we could move around freely. And that meant Minseok was flying across the globe on tour/promotions frequently. This left us away from each other for quite a while. The most time away from each other– a month. We made…

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