An Unexpected Turn Of Events

My blood ran cold. He sent this message a second after my message got delivered. I was a wreck, I immediately called him but the number was not reachable. I had been through a breakup before so I knew the drill. But it did not make it easy in any way. I barely survived the... Continue Reading →

Trust No One Easily

Trust - once broken it is very difficult to mend. That is why it is always a must to take your time when it comes to trusting someone. Be it a family member or a friend, let people earn your trust. My trust was broken multiple times by almost every single person I looked up... Continue Reading →


"Minseok, no one believes me." "I believe you. You don’t need anyone else." Both of us were seated on the couch. Min-Min had his arm on my shoulders and we were staring at my phone screen. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. It wasn’t driven by emotions because I had reached the stage of being... Continue Reading →

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