Happy Birthday Yeobo!

Hello My Alien,

It’s that time of year again – The day the soulmate was born. Happy Birthday Yeobs!

Being on the other side of the bridge is peaceful. The ‘I don’t care’ phrase comes to life here in a deeper way because you actually don’t care anymore. So come soon, I’m waiting for you.

I thought we knew each other pretty well but this year kinda levelled up our friendship. We’ve grown closer than ever. And it was all thanks to our Maldives trip. It was the most relaxing trip ever. And I look forward to the other ones lined up for next year and the years to come.

Can you believe it – we had our first fight in 14 years in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It was one for the books. It was something so out there that I can’t even write it out here. But I know you know. ROFL

And we have also realized that we’ve been somehow linked in our past lives. Well, we always knew that but now we seem to have found the actual place – Most probably a battlefield. And now we’ve met up again to live out our friendship that was cut short.

Our BTS bond is still going strong along with our sync up on vmin. It is a lifelong kind of thing. So Twilight and BTS are a big part of our friendship, well, the word ‘friendship’ is not enough to put into perspective just how eternally linked we are.

Anyways Yeobs, we haven’t been in touch for centuries. (ok, just a week but that’s way too long for us) So let’s talk tonight and get back to our usual sync-up.

Once again Happy Birthday Uri Yeobo! Lobe You! Twilight!

Happy Birthday Soulmate!

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! WOOHOOO! PARTAY-PARTAY-YEAH! Hi Yeobs, here we are again, one year later! And – drumroll please – you’ve entered the BTS world! Lachimolala This is one of those birthday’s where we cross a certain milestone. You may be experiencing a burst of panic attacks followed by a spell of numbing calmness. Or, you…

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My Person – Mendonca

Hi Mendonca! Happy Birthday! This one is in honour of You – My Person. So, without further ado, let’s begin. So, Mendonca and I have known each other since 2nd grade. We weren’t close friends, but you could say we were friends. It was more like we knew each other existed and for a couple…

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