Mind Fudged

Everything seems to be getting to me. I’m so fed up of listening to people’s crappy opinions. Why can’t people just stop trying to put someone else down? Like for instance, putting down women. C’mon man, don’t talk to me about it.

It takes so much effort not to tell people to just shut the fuck up. Go take your drama somewhere else. Pick your battles – I keep telling myself. But sometimes, ugh, I just want to tell people to fuck off! Argh.

The kind of talks I have to put up with:

‘Why are there so many women in gatherings?’

‘There is a quota for women’

And guess what, women say this too. And not in a good way, in a way to put women down. Ugh. And I have to sit there and fucking smile. I can argue but what is the fucking point. You come across as sensitive. And the sick part is, the reason people pass such comments, is to rile you up. I don’t have the energy to argue so I just leave the table.

What is the fucking point. They be fake in front of the spotlight, but this is their true self. Then why don’t they be fake 100 percent. Just fake it man, don’t piss me off. Go be your real self somewhere else. Or have the guts to be your real self in the spotlight.

And you know the best part (can you feel the sarcasm) – the new trend is to say stuff and not mean it. Basically, you don’t have to care, you just have to say it. Can you believe it?! This is what humanity has come to. Fake being a human.

 I’m going to step back from all this mess of a drama and live my life. People think women are bad drivers, think what you want, I love my car and I love driving. No more letting stuff get to me. Their opinions and comments are not going to actually affect my life in any way. So why waste my energy feeling bad about such words.

I will use my energy to be who I want to be – A true and good human being.

Live long and prosper. Peace Out!

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