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Bad Days

What Makes Me Feel Strong - WordPress Bloganuary Prompt Hmm, good question. Honestly, I don't feel strong at all. I feel weak and defeated. Somedays I do not want to face the day. I just want to sleep. Not because I'm feeling warm and cosy. It's because I don't have to face life. Sleep gives… Continue reading Bad Days

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An Interview With The Cullens

Today's blog prompt - Interview with a fictional character. So, I've picked the Cullens. The Twilight series was a huge part of my teenage years. And it led to a friendship that will last forever. And I mean forever in every sense of the term, this goes into the afterlife too. You know who you… Continue reading An Interview With The Cullens

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My Favourite Quote

'Done is better than perfect' - Sheryl Sandberg. I heard this quote from Kim Namjoon when he said it was his favourite one. It is such a beautiful phrase that can be applied to life. It kinda goes well with the Nike tag like too - 'Just do it'. I apply these words to work… Continue reading My Favourite Quote


Next Book On My Reading List

‘Witness To Hope’ by George Weigel - technically it is not on my reading list since I have started reading it. "Be Not Afraid" - these are the words that got me interested in learning about the person behind them - Saint John Paul II. Here is the entire quote: 'I plead with you, never,… Continue reading Next Book On My Reading List

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A Cause I Believe In

The Bloganuary WordPress prompt for the day - What is a cause you're passionate about and why? I don't think what I am about to write about falls under the typical description of 'A Cause'. But let's just go with it. Every person should strive to be humble and kind. If one person does it,… Continue reading A Cause I Believe In