The Childhood Toy

Hmm, honestly, I did not have a favourite toy as a child. At least, I don't remember it. I asked my Mom and she told me I had a blue teddy bear that I was stuck to for a year. And that was it. But after thinking about it, one toy does stand out -... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Comfort Zone

I love the comfort zone. It is the perfect headspace to be in. But there are times in life when you need to expand your comfort zone. You know it is time when this place gets a bit foggy. That's your cue to open the windows, break down a wall perhaps or rearrange the furniture... Continue Reading →

Route 66

So, today's blog post prompt - A road trip you would love to take. Well, I would like to drive along Route 66 - the one showcased so beautifully in the Cars movie. Yes, it is an animated film, but it has captured the reality of this picturesque route in its entirety. Wide-open spaces on... Continue Reading →

Lunch Date

I was going to have lunch with Minhyuk in Seoul. I couldn’t believe it, but it was happening. How did I even say ‘yes’? What is wrong with me? Why start something when it would end anyways. This was just a holiday in South Korea. Who knows when I would come back here, except for... Continue Reading →

A Note To Teenage Me

Hi there Teenager! Whatsup? I know you must be wishing everyone a Happy New Year in the timeline in which you exist. I guess sending text messages from your Moto Razr? You'll be shocked though, in the years to come you'll have a smartphone, basically a mini-computer. Anyways, let's get down to some pretty deep... Continue Reading →

Coffee Romance

It was early morning and I had just stepped out for my walk. It was so difficult to get out of bed as there was a chill in the air. Getting out from under the cosy blanket was a struggle. But somehow I managed to fight the blanket and get off the bed. (the dream... Continue Reading →


“Hey Allie, are you ok?”, Jin asked as he took a seat next to me at the picnic table. He had got back late last night from Seoul. He was away for a week on work. “I don’t know…” He put his arm around my waist and pulled me into his side. “Allie, I’m here,... Continue Reading →

Over It

You know what, I don’t care anymore. I’m over it. I’m fed up of being misunderstood, I’m fed up of people assuming something about me. I’m fed up of caring about this. Go ahead, misunderstand me, make assumptions, I’m over it. My first impressions are either a hit or a miss. When it is a... Continue Reading →

Turning Thirty

Turning Thirty - not a great feeling. I’m not going to try to be all motivational. There are some people out there who have a hard time dealing with turning thirty. And I am one of them. It is what it is, can’t help it. So, let’s get into it. Until twenty-nine, I was cool... Continue Reading →

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